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Now, with just a few keystrokes, you can create and send out an unlimited number of eChecks in seconds. The people you pay receive bona fide checks they can endorse and deposit just like always
echecks pro
eChecksPro is the latest innovation in payments

  • Can be sent instantly to anyone with an email address
  • Work with your existing checking account
  • Are compatible with your current accounting software
  • Come with patented fraud prevention built right in
  • Can save you $1.00 or more per check

Once you’ve set up your account, simply verify your banking information and select your eCheck quantity to get started

echecks pro benefits
Unlike Other Online Solutions, Anyone Can Send or Receive eChecksPro

Payees aren't required to enroll to receive eChecksPro, so you can send payments to anyone. No other online payment solution offers that convenience

Paying with eChecks
All you need is your Payee's email address, which means even people without banking accounts can receive eChecksPro

Receiving eChecks
Notifications of eCheckspro payments arrive in your email with a link to retrieve the eChecksPro. Once there, you'll have the option to sign up for an account or "continue as a guest" and print your check.