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Labor Law Poster Federal

Federal and State Labor Law Poster 8972

Comply with both Federal and State laws and keep employees informed! Full color labor law posters display the required notices in an easy-to-read format. Includes new FMLA posting, mandatory for FMLA-covered employers by 3/8/13, including all public employers and private employers with 50+ employees. Poster dimensions: State posters are 24” wide and length varies by state (between 24” and 39.5”). Federal poster: 24” x 32 ¾” Each state poster contains all the mandatory posting requirements an employer needs to be compliant with state regulations. Postings vary depending on each state’s requirements. State specific postings included. Individual postings also may be included depending on specific state requirements. For example, No Smoking, Workers’ Compensation, public sector postings

  • Size: Varies by State
  • Federal poster is 24 x 32 3/4
  • Laminated for long term use
  • Posters include mandatory postings
  • State specific postings included