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Seals and Labels

Custom labels for bags and gifts

When you choose to customize labels and seals for bags and gifts, you create a personal and professional touch that goes beyond practical functionality. A quality label, seal or tag for a bag or gift creates an extra sense of quality and attention to detail that your customers and clients will appreciate. Custom labels go great with cello bags, food and gourmet boxes and jewelry boxes. Do not forget to fill with crinkle cut fill and wrap with raffia.

labels seals and tags

Create personalized labels, stickers and seals with your logo

Branding is a large part of your company presence in the market. With custom printed labels and seals, you can feature your business logo while keeping your products packaged safely and securely. We can match the colors you have chosen for marketing your business and keep your branding consistent across all your products and marketing materials.

Why choose custom labels, seals and tags

Whether you have a small retail shop, a large commercial store or you sell your products online, leaving an impression with your customer base is crucial to the long term success of your business. Customers are sure to appreciate your use of memorable and practical packaging for your products or gifts. Choosing custom printed labels for bags and seals for gifts is a practical choice for your business and builds your brand at the same time. Labels and tags are the perfect final touch to go with ribbons and gift wrap

Share your special milestones with quality anniversary seals and labels. Owning a business is a big deal. Keeping it successful from year to year is an even bigger deal. Share that success proudly with elegantly designed FosslerĀ® seals. Anniversary stickers and seals for correspondence and foil seals for packaging - they are all great way to enhance your business image. Check out our full supply of stickers, labels and seals