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TripLOK 20 x 20 Currency Deposit Bag

Item Number 73620C

Bag Size: 20 x 20

  • High visibility void message appears when tampered with.
  • Specially formulated thermochromic ink turns red when subjected to heat.
  • Unique triple seal closure with interior adhesive sealing.
  • Security micro perforation releases with attempts to pull up.
  • Anti-static metalized release liner does not cling to clothes when removed.
  • Aqua detect ink smears when exposed to moisture.
  • Sequential numbers embedded in closure.
  • Security micro-print along indented side welds.

Call office at 1.800.379.7969 for large quantity orders

TripLOK 20 x 20 Currency Deposit Bag Code: 73620C
Price: $186.32
Quantity in Basket: None

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