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Business Services

Helping You Get & Keep Customers

Imagine having a marketing team working on your behalf to help you attract and retain customers. That's EGP. Our support frees you to concentrate on the day-to-day demands of managing your business, confident that you are doing all the right things to create lasting relationships with the kind of customers you value most.

As your indispensable partner in growth, we're focused on your success - with a full line of solutions to help you run your business smoothly, grow your dream and make your business thrive.

Marketing Services

Whether you need a logo design that captures your image, powerful and affordable marketing programs, printed pieces, even website design and hosting services, count on EGP for customized, cost-effective solutions.
We know how to help you grow your business, build your brand and create customer loyalty.

Business Products

Rely on EGP for the printed products you need to run your business every day. We also make it easy for you to get affordable but unique promotional products, such as keychains, mugs or pens, that help you increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Business Networking

Network with other small businesses for mutual success. EGP offers a social networking site built specifically for small business owners. Our Partner service is an online community where you can ask for and offer up industry-specific advice, find commercial real estate, and learn about service providers and strategic partners for your business.