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Your business checks consist of many pre-printed features. Some of the features are optional and selected by you, while others are in place for functionality and security purposes. The diagram and definitions presented here will be helpful as you go through our online ordering process.

1. Voucher
  A special area on your check used to detail additional check/selling information. Placement of the voucher may vary depending on the style of check you choose.
2. Company Logo
  An optional symbol you can choose to enhance the look of your checks and forms. Choose from standard logos or email us your artwork if you have your own company logo. We will size it to fit your check. Email the custom artwork image with your order number to
3. Imprint Area
  Personalized area of the check/form that includes your company name, address and other important information. Most checks/forms have up to five or six lines available for this information.
4. Routing/Transit No.
  Also known as bank code. This number identifies your bank or credit union. Please note that the number does not include the special symbols on either side of it.

5. Account No.
  Identifies your specific account.
6. Signature Lines
  Area on the check designated for the authorized signature. Deluxe offers the choice of pre-printing up to two signature lines on our checks.
7. Text Over Signature Line
  An optional pre-printed statement you may add to your checks.
8. Consecutive Number
  Identifies the consecutive order of your checks.
9. Bank Information
  Designated area on your check displaying your bank's name and address. We stay current with the many changes taking place in the financial service industry. If your bank/credit union information changes, we update our system automatically to ensure your checks are printed correctly.

Important Information Relating To Paper Curling and Your Laser Checks and Forms

We use high-quality, laser-grade paper with moisture content that meets industry guidelines to ensure that your products print seamlessly.

However, regardless of paper quality, paper curling can occur when there is a change in humidity or temperature. This can cause problems when feeding your checks through your printer or stacking them after printing.

To reduce these problems, please do the following:

  • Store your laser documents in an air-conditioned or climate-controlled environment. The ideal storage environment is 65 - 75 degrees Fahrenheit with 45 - 55% humidity.
  • If you move your documents to an environment with a different temperature or humidity, let them sit 24 hours to acclimate to the new environment before you print.
  • Store your laser documents flat in their original inner carton. Do not stack other items on top.
  • Completely fill the printer tray, even if you are only printing a few documents.
  • Fan the paper to remove static before you load it into the printer.
  • Keep your printer maintained as it will also help reduce paper feeding and jamming issues.