Canadian Compliant Blank Laser Cheque Stock

The CPA (Canadian Pay Association) requires Canadian Compliant checks have no void pantograph and a landscaped oriented backer in English & French Canadian. All of our Canadian Checks are without void and with dual language, landscaped oriented, backers. Pick an image to see product details

Blank Check Stock, Bottom 3 1/2 Check, Item MC352CC
Blank Cheque Stock
Bottom 3 1/2 Cheque
Item MC352CC
Blank Check Stock, Top 3 2/3 Check, Item MC351CC
Blank Cheque Stock
Top 3 1/2 Cheque
Item MC351CC
Blank Check Stock, Bottom 3 2/3 Check, Item BC302PCC
Blank Cheque Stock
Bottom 3 2/3 Cheque
Item BC302PCC
Canadian Pressure Seal Cheque Stock, Letter Size, Item RPS811
Pressure Seal Cheque
>Canadian Letter Stock
Item RPS811
Canadian Pressure Seal Cheque Stock ,Legal Size, Item RPS814U
Pressure Seal Cheque
Canadian Legal Stock
Item RPS814U

National Standards for Canadian Cheque Stock are quite different than the check standards in the United States of America. All companies who wish to do their banking in Canada are required to use The Canadian Payments Association (CPA) approved cheque stock to avoid delays in the routing and processing of their cheques