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Why Print with Us
why print with us

We have been delivering great quality and personalized service for 25 years to our 750,000 customers. With our high-quality printing, graphic design experts and affordable pricing. PsPrint is the leading online print production and design company dedicated to helping customers stand out from the crowd with their printed materials. Whether you are printing brochures for your nonprofit organizations, business cards for your business, postcards for your startup or invitations for your wedding, PsPrint wants to help you shine and empower you to do what you do best — build a community, grow your business, make meaningful connections or save the world — and make a lasting impression.

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Door Hangers
door hangers

Door hanger marketing really opens doors. Door hangers are automatically set apart from other junk mail since they are next to impossible to ignore, and they are extremely cost effective to print and distribute, so it is no wonder that door hangers often achieve a high response rate. When done correctly, door hanger marketing can quickly become a staple of any campaign strategy.

Door hanger printing is unique in the world of marketing. Not only are door hangers exceptionally affordable, they are literally delivered right to the customer door. Make sure your door hangers can withstand the elements by using an online commercial printer. We use a high-quality 14-point gloss cover paper stock, and industry best printing and finishing equipment with experienced print professionals and color specialists.

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If you are looking to get your restaurant really cooking, then you need high-quality menus

Your patrons will equate the quality of your food with the quality of your menu, so it pays to get your menus professionally printed on quality paper stock. Our premium menus are printed on the best menu paper in the industry, including smooth, light brown kraft paper stock, cream linen and a brilliant white linen.

Menus are not just for restaurants. They are perfect for wineries, breweries, bars, salons and day spas. Plus, you can create your own custom menus for weddings, baby showers, holiday meals and other special events such as retirement dinners and anniversary parties

It is so easy to create your menu design for online printing using our free menu layout templates. If you are looking for a completely unique menu, call our custom printing team at 800.379.7969 for all our options



Customizing your brochures has never been easier. We make it possible to do almost anything with your brochure, whether it is an 8.5 x 11 inch tri-fold or a large-format right-angle half fold. If you need 50 brochures or 150,000, our state-of-the-art printing presses deliver a highly professional full-color brochure at a low cost. We can also save you time as well as money with our mailing list and direct mailing services.

Brochure printing is one of the best ways to bolster business, large or small. Brochures are one of the most diverse marketing mediums available since they are suited to a wide variety of situations. They serve as an interactive guide when explaining products and services, and point out key features and benefits to the customer. Since brochures are so inexpensive, they represent the perfect pitch when operating on a smaller budget.

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Stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools out there. Custom sticker printing is a great way to promote your business or event. Stickers can be affixed almost anywhere, so they can go where other marketing materials can not.

Our custom stickers can be printed in sizes from 2 x 2 inch to 11.75 x 17.5 inch on one of three paper choices including vinyl and clear polyester. Sheet stickers are available in several sizes and shapes. They are both printed on a whole 12-inch by 18-inch sheet and are kiss cut into the backing, making removing and placing the labels easy. Our roll stickers are available in many unique shapes, including starbursts, hearts, ovals and circles, and rolled on to a standard 3 inch core. Try one of our metallic papers for extra appeal. No matter what you need, we have a sticker for you



Invitation printing is the best way to attract attendees to a business or social event, whether you are hosting a seminar, a baby shower, a religious ceremony, a wedding, a birthday party or anything else that requires a gathering of great people. All invitations are not created equal, and printing your own personalized invitations is a superior way to demonstrate importance and prestige for your event

Whether you need 50 or 10,000 invitation cards, we print high-quality invitation cards at a low price. Our custom full-color invitation cards are produced on state-of-the-art printing presses that undergo daily color calibration, ensuring you receive the best possible invitation cards at an amazing price. Try our premium invitation card paper stocks, such as our ultra-thick 16-point paper, smooth 15-point velvet or eco-friendly recycled 13-point matte paper stock. Ask for a free sample kit to see and feel these superior paper stocks.

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Greeting Cards
greeting cards

Greeting cards are often employed as holiday marketing tools but they can be used for so much more. Thank-you cards, birthday cards, anniversary cards: The personal touch of a greeting card makes it an ideal medium for connecting with your customers on an emotional level, and many customers tend to purchase on emotion and justify with logic. Greeting cards are also part of a valid business strategy for boosting customer loyalty.

A variety of printing techniques can be employed to craft a greeting card that is both rich in character and endearing to your recipients. Folding, custom sizes, a foil stamp or die cut will enhance your greeting card and help it stand out from the competition. Try our premium greeting card paper stocks, such as our ultra-thick 16-point paper, smooth 15-point velvet or eco-friendly recycled 13-point matte paper stock. Produced on top-of-the-line printing presses that undergo daily color calibration, we ensure that you receive the best possible greeting cards at an unbelievable price

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Custom booklet printing is a great way to showcase your products or services in vibrant, full-color multi-page formats. For even more premium catalogs, try a perfect bind booklet, which can set you apart even further

Page for page, booklets represent some of the most efficient marketing tools in any industry.

Standard booklets and catalogs are printed on high-quality paper stock and include wire-o or stapled binding options. Standard booklets are a great way to deliver useful information to customers in a way that brands companies or events in a vibrant, multi-page format

Perfect bind booklets are ideal for larger projects that need that extra level of polish. Similar to a book binding, they feature a flat spine that gives a professional, high-end look to your booklet or catalog. When you need absolutely the best multi-page presentation, nothing is as effective as a perfect bind booklet.

We know that coloring and comic books are serious business. Our coloring and comic books offer inside page paper designed for writing, coloring and a classic comic book look. Both 100 per cent recycled uncoated or premium matte pages are available, along with vibrant full-color printing.

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Big and bold, posters make an immediate impression on a large number of people at any given time. They are perfect for promoting your business, product or event. Economical to print, custom posters are one of the best-kept marketing secrets

Standard posters offer a vast range of possibilities. With eight unique premium paper choices, including soft 15-point velvet to extra-thick 16-point gloss you can create almost any poster you can imagine. Combined with printing turnaround as fast as one day, we have you covered.

Short-run posters are an excellent choice for customers looking for a smaller run, in quantities as low as one piece. We also offer an extra-large 27 inch x 39 inch movie poster size, an excellent choice for those looking to go big and bold with their poster.

Mounted posters are durable and lightweight with a professional look, making them perfect for your trade show, conference, business event or sale, or for wall prints and framed images. Available in quantities as low as 1 and as high as 50, our mounted posters are printed on a white honeycomb recycled paper core, so it's an eco-friendly alternative to standard foam core or foam board.

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Printing custom postcards is one of the most cost-effective and successful ways to increase your sales, and reach customers quickly and easily. Postcard marketing is smart strategy for promoting your business, product, service or event.

Our standard postcards are available in a variety of sizes on several high-quality paper stocks, including our super-thick 16-point paper and our smooth 15-point velvet paper. You can also use our direct mailing postcards to have your pieces delivered to a list of addresses, or for qualified nonprofits, save on postage with our nonprofit mailing postcard product.

If you are looking to really stand out, try our ultra postcards — our thickest, most luxurious postcard yet. Plus, you can add a pop of color to the edges of your piece by selecting a unique core color option. If you are looking for a more colorful impression, try our colored paper postcards, which are available in rustic tan, pearlescent gold or silver, classic blue, bright red or rich black.

If you are looking to take advantage of the new Every Door Direct Mail® service offered by the USPS, which allows you to send large-format postcards to your choice of neighborhoods at a very reasonable price, try our EDDM postcard printing. Our EDDM postcards are specifically designed to meet the size and bundling requirements from the USPS

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Business Cards
business cards

A business card is not just about your contact information. A business card is about selling your products and services, and is an integral part of any introduction. Try our online printing services for your custom business cards today

Our standard business cards come in both standard 3.5 inch x 2 inch size, and slim and square formats, all available on numerous premium papers, including ultra-thick 16-point gloss, smooth 15-point velvet or elegant 100 lb. brilliant white or natural white linen. For extra appeal, try adding rounded corners to your card. If you need a business card with a matte writable surface, our uncoated business cards are a great choice. These make excellent appointment cards and have a clean, classic look

If you are looking to really stand out, try our ultra cards — our thickest, most luxurious business card yet. Plus, you can add a pop of color to the edges of your ultra business cards by selecting a unique core color option. If you are looking for a more colorful impression, try our colored paper business cards, which are available in rustic tan, pearlescent gold or silver, classic blue, bright red or rich black.

Need a special shape. Our die-cut business cards offer a selection of both stock shapes and custom options to meet any need.

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Beverage Coasters
beverage coasters

Looking to drink up more profits. Try drink coasters. Drink coasters do more than protect surfaces from glass rings and condensation. They are an excellent marketing tool. They are so easy to print — just upload your design or logo and place your order. Drink coasters are not just for restaurants, bars and breweries. Drink coasters are for everyone. Personalized coasters are a fun way to promote your business or event. Plus, personalized coasters also make fun party favors for celebrations such as fundraisers, birthdays, anniversaries or weddings

Our custom coasters are printed on premium white smooth finish stock or a top-quality brown recycled-look kraft stock. You can print on one or both sides of the drink coaster and also add a pop of color by selecting a solid core color that is layered between the two outer papers. Select one that makes your artwork pop or matches your brand color. You can choose from white, black, red, green, blue or orange.

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Custom magnets are eye catchers and an incredibly versatile tool for marketing any business, service or event. Magnets keep your business top of mind, and car door magnets are an easy way to turn your car into a mobile ad.

Our standard magnets are available in three sizes, all printed on a strong 16-point paper. If you want extra impact, add an optional high-gloss UV coating to make colors really pop.

Our car door magnets are available in two sizes on a super-strong 17-point magnetic vinyl stock to make your message stick. We include a high-gloss UV coating to protect your magnet from the elements. With quantities as low as one piece, there is no reason not to try one.

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